GMI Pvt. Ltd can deliver complete Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSD's) or Wheel Suction
Dredgers (WSD's). The CSD's are available in a standard range with discharge
diameters from 350mm to 650mm. In addition to the standard sizes GMI also has
custom-made vessels in any required size or format. Some examples are: special
mining applications, self-propelled, rock cutting, etc.

A generally smooth bottom can be achieved, and modern instrumentation allows
profiles and side slopes to be dredged accurately. Some of the larger cutter
suction dredgers are self-propelled to allow easy movement from site to site.


Besides, GMI’s UCW is equipped with a large number of cutting blades, which ensure a small
chip thickness, smooth cutting operation and separation of oversize particles. Each cutting blade
UCW can be adapted to any kind of dredging task by installing suitable teeth taken from GMI’s
proven range of cutting teeth.

A special, automatically operated change-over flap installed inside the suction mouth of UCW guarantees a high mixture concentration.
The suction mouth of the inactive UCW half is closed by the change-over flap so that the
surrounding water is not drawn in from this side.

The use of deflectors adapted to the inner contour of each UCW half provides a self-cleaning effect and
ensures that the UCW cannot become clogged, even when dredging adhesive soil. All wear and tear
components exposed to the mixture transport (e.g. suction mouth, change-over flap, suction channel) are
easily accessible and replaceable, ensuring minimum downtime.


The spud career and the pontoon are of a very rigid design, so that the forces from the side wires can be absorbed. The career is moved by a double acting hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder has sufficient strength to continue cutting during the step forward. The career pontoon can easily be fitted to the aft of your dredge and can be ballasted so that the stability of the dredge can be kept un-compromised. Optionally the spud career installation can be fitted with its own hydraulic power pack. GMI also supply specially designed spud careers, for offshore dredging or extra rugged conditions.

GMI’s Spud careers are designed to reduce spud handling during dredge operations and to increase production of the dredge with 10% to 20%. After completing a swing, the CSD or WSD is pushed forward by the spud career, so that it can start a new swing. Once at the end of its traveling range, the auxiliary spud is lowered, so that the career can be moved to its starting position. GMI Pvt. Ltd also supply specially designed spud careers, for offshore dredging or extra rugged conditions.

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